Bee Bandanas for Your Pets

Bee Bandanas for Your Pets


If you’re a bee lover, you’ll absolutely adore these super cute, handcrafted bee bandanas for your furry friends! Made from high-quality cotton, these bandanas are not only stylish but also comfortable and soft for your pet to wear.

The bee design on the bandannas is simply adorable and will make your pet stand out in the crowd.

Available in three different sizes – small, medium, and large – you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Plus, these bandannas easily attach to the collar of your pet, so they won’t have to worry about anything slipping off during playtime.

Not only are these bandannas cute and stylish, but they are also custom-made in Australia exclusively for HoneyBee Hives.

So why not show off your love for bees and your furry family members with these beautiful bandanas? Your pet will love the added attention and love, and you’ll love how they look in these cute and stylish accessories.


  • small: 22cm wide x 15cm long
  • medium 28.5cm wide x 20.5cm long
  • large 34 cm wide x 23.5cm long
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