AgGuide Products of the Hive

AgGuide Products of the Hive


Products of the hive, is about more than honey production. The complex behaviour of bees results in other products such as wax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and, for older bees, bee venom.  There are a range of possibilities for beekeepers to consider when it comes to overall profitability of keeping honey bees.

This book has been compiled for experienced beekeepers to give them ideas about how they might diversify their income from beekeeping activities. It has also been written for those who have a general interest and fascination with the art and pleasure of beekeeping. It includes an account of increased knowledge about the bioactivity of honey.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Honey

Chapter 3: Bioactive honey

Chapter 4: Beeswax

Chapter 5: Creamed and candied honey

Chapter 6: Pollen

Chapter 7: Propolis

Chapter 8: Comb honey

Chapter 9: Royal jelly

Chapter 10: Bee venom

Appendix 1: Exhibiting honey and beeswax

Appendix 2: The peroxide-type and non-peroxide-type activity of honey

Appendix 3: Special cases: Manuka and Leptospermum honeys

Appendix 4: Codex for honey

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