Hive Doctor Bottom Board with Entrance + Trays

Hive Doctor Bottom Board with Entrance + Trays


Adaptable and functional UV resistant bottom board with a low profile for stability and sturdiness, and multiple entrance options.

  • Straight sides and ends for easy palletising, and strapping multiple hives.
  • Screw holes for securing to pallets.
  • Locator slots through centre of base for Emlock hive strappers.
  • Locating lugs to secure your hive box, and rigid design to prevent bowing
  • Universal entrance space to allow future functionality, eg. pollen traps, varroa control, and other wasp control.
  • Deep floor with great venting (21% ventilation), with the ability for venting to be closed off with pest trays.
  • Triple disk entrance for a choice of entrance options (Disk colour may vary)
  • 2 x Pest checking trays
  • Dimensions: 53 x 40.5 x 5cm

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