We are thrilled to announce that our honeycomb frame has also been awarded “Best Exhibit” at the prestigious Grafton Show! This is a great honor for us and a testament to the hard work and dedication that we have put into our beekeeping operations.
Our honeycomb frame is a true masterpiece, showcasing the intricate and delicate work of our bees as they create perfect hexagonal cells filled with delicious honey. It’s a stunning example of the natural beauty and complexity of the beekeeping process, and we’re proud to have it recognized as the best exhibit at this renowned event.
This award is not only a reflection of our passion for beekeeping, but also a celebration of the amazing creatures that make it all possible. It’s a reminder of the important role that bees play in our ecosystem and the need to protect and support them.
We also snagged a few other prizes:

*First Prize: Frame of Honeycomb
*First & Second Prize: Golden Honey
*First & Second Prize: Collection of Honey Varieties
*Second Prize: Dark Honey
*First Prize: Heaviest Chicken Eggs!!!
We are grateful to the judges and organizers of the Grafton Show for recognizing the quality and craftsmanship of our honeycomb frame and honey entries. It inspires us to continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our beekeeping operations and to share the beauty and benefits of honey and bee products with the world.
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Or by prior arrangement from Coutts Crossing.