Queen Bees

Queen Bees


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Introducing our beautiful Italian queens, newly mated and ready to lead your hive to honey-making success. These queens are known for their exceptional laying and production abilities, and their peaceful temperament makes them a joy to work with.

Our Italian queens are sourced from our own apiary or the best local breeders and have been carefully selected for their genetic traits, ensuring that they will thrive in your hive. Their gentle nature makes them ideal for backyard beekeeping, and they will be a valuable addition to any apiary.

We are currently offering pickup from Coutts Crossing, NSW, as the risk of delays and damage during shipping with AusPost has led us to discontinue mailing of queens. This allows us to ensure the safe arrival of your new queen and to provide you with the opportunity to meet her in person before introducing her to your colony.

Don’t miss out on the chance to bring these exceptional Italian queens to your apiary. With their excellent laying and production abilities and peaceful temperament, they are sure to be a valuable asset to your bees and your honey yield. So, take advantage of this opportunity and visit us in Coutts Crossing to pick up your new queen today!


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