Have you always wanted to have your own bees?

Do you have a garden that would prosper from bee pollination?

Are you looking for a healthy hobby to sink your teeth into?

Or a nice income from your spare time?

HoneyBee Hives are offering “Becoming a Beekeeper” sessions where you can

  • ask questions
  • learn from a beekeeper with over 40 years experience
  • get up close and personal with a hive
  • experience what it’s like to be a beekeeper and
  • see the potential to earn $$$ from this awesome hobby or budding business

You will be spending some time in the apiary so please wear appropriate clothing (light coloured long pants and sleeves and covered footwear). Bees do not like black or red, so best to avoid these. Protective veils and gloves will be provided if required.

Our website (www.honeybeehives.com.au/bees) is full of useful information about bees and beekeeping so we recommend having a look beforehand so you’ll have an idea of what we will be discussing.

Limited to only 12 participants each session, so if you want to get buzzing grab your free ticket today.

Please note: Not suitable for children under 16, anyone who is allergic to bees and/or bee-related products, or those with issues navigating uneven ground.

We will be in touch via email 2 days prior to event to confirm if the session will proceed or if we need to postpone, as we are dependent on favourable weather conditions.

As an added bonus: participants will save 10% off all honey and balm purchases on the day.

Grab your tickets here