Award-Winning Honey and Honey + Honeycomb Jars

Award-Winning Honey and Honey + Honeycomb Jars


Indulge in the natural sweetness of our award-winning, raw, unfiltered and 100% pure honey, hand-harvested straight from our hives in the Clarence Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Experience the rich, complex flavour and unique taste of our honey, carefully crafted to retain all its natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Presented in hexagonal glass jar with a hessian topper, our honey is available in various sizes to suit your needs – 250g, 500g, and 1kg.

For the ultimate honey lover, we also offer a unique option of honeycomb included in your jar. The honeycomb is an edible delicacy that adds an extra texture and flavour to your honey.

We are also happy to supply wholesale orders, perfect for stocking your store, restaurant or event. So why wait? Treat yourself or your loved ones to the best honey you’ll ever taste!

Learn about the incredible health benefits and healing powers of raw honey.

Please note: due to biosecurity regulations, we are unable to send our honey & honeycomb products to Western Australia & Tasmania.

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