Our Working Man's Hands Balm is lovingly handcrafted & packs a powerful punch when dealing with hard-working hands. Super hydrating & protective, promoting new cell growth & boosting circulation. Moisturises & rejuvenates rough, tired, & sore hands.


Contains beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil*, vitamin E oil, calendula* & comfrey* flowers, & lemon, eucalyptus, cypress & lavender essential oils. (*organic ingredients)


  • All natural ingredients, no nasties 

  • Moisturise & condition 

  • Promoting growth of healthy skin 

  • Protecting against blemishes

  • Relieve sore, dehydrated, bruised skin 

  • Antibacterial agent 

  • Speed healing 

  • Reduce scarring 

  • Invigorating, cleansing, purifying

  • Soothe irritated skin


All of our products are individually handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, & as a result, some variance between products & remnants of herbal infusions may occur.


What's in our Working Man's Hand Balms?

*Beeswax locks in moisture & may help keep the skin firm and plump. The anti-allergenic & anti-inflammatory properties soothe easily irritated skin. Contains a natural, powerful protective substance called propolis, which shields beeswax from ever spoiling.

*Organic coconut oil has historically been used as a remedy for treating illnesses & infection: healing wounds, protecting skin against blemishes, & promoting the growth of healthy skin. Naturally enhances the look & feel of skin & hair, promoting a lustrous appearance.

*Olive oil has traditionally been used as an antibacterial agent, cleanser, moisturizer, & massage oil for centuries. The unique properties relieve sore, dehydrated, bruised skin. Joints & muscles affected by sprains & arthritis may also benefit. It aids in the repair of damaged skin & hair to maintain a youthful, radiant appearance.

*Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, thus reducing free radical damage. It is widely claimed to help speed healing, reduce scarring & slow the aging process of cells.

*Organic comfrey leaf contains natural substances called allantoin & rosmarinic acid. Allantoin boosts the growth of new skin cells, whilst rosmarinic acid helps relieve pain & inflammation. Used externally, it can help to promote healing of bruises, broken bones, minor burns, sprains, & scarring.

*Organic calendula flowers have historically been used for a host of different ailments, mainly those affecting skin, such as in the healing of wounds. Rich in flavonoids that exhibit anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombogenic, & neuro-protective activities. Research suggests that it may be effective in treating skin rashes, wounds, skin infections, & as a pain & inflammation reducer.

*Lemon essential oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years to treat a vast range of health issues. It is known to be invigorating, cleansing & extremely purifying due to its powerful anti microbial activity. Used to aid in the relief of cold & flu symptoms, purify air & surfaces, alleviating fatigue, boost energy & as a skin astringent, acting as a tightening & toning agent.

*Eucalyptus essential oil contains active components that contribute to its reputation as a cleansing, purifying, immune-boosting oil. It facilitates easy breathing, soothes nervous tension, & helps to clear the mind. The healing benefits can be attributed to the anti inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, & antibacterial properties.

*Cypress essential oil is known to be calming & energising at the same time, so is perfect for mental clarity. Adding it to your beauty routine can boost skin hydration & assist in reducing the look of spots & blemishes. It is valued most for its ability to fight infection, aid respiratory symptoms, & remove toxins from the body.

*Lavender essential oil has been proven to restore the nervous system by lowering blood pressure & heart rate. It can help to calm the nerves, appease restlessness, soothe skin, & improve sleep quality.


For external use only, keep out of eyes.


Together with our recyclable or biodegradable packaging, our products are a healthy choice for you, your family & our planet.


15g   $6.00

40g   $13.00

100g $25.00


Postage across Australia for only $10 for up to 8 tins.


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Working Man's Hands Balms