Join our experienced beekeep for a hands-on day with the bees and learn the basics of beekeeping.


Gather 5 friends together and you can attend for free, either on your site with your bees or on our site (location NSW Mid North Coast: TBA)


Learn how to:

  •  open and close a hive
  • identify workers, drones, and the queen
  • identify pollen, nectar, sealed honey and propolis
  • handle a frame
  • dos and donts of handling a hive
  • what to look for when purchasing a hive-capturing swarms and luring bees
  • sampling honey harvested from the NSW Mid North Coast
  • regestering as a beekeeper

& so much more.

(Protective veil smock and gloves provided for each attendee)


Maximum of 6 participants, minimum age 15 years.

Dates and locations TBA.

Please contact us at buzz@honeybeehives.com.au if you are interested in attending or hosting a training event.

Includes GST.

Be a Beekeeper for a Day: an Introduction to beekeeping


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