Starter Kit

Starter Kit


Starter kit: getting started and watching your hive grow is the best way to learn "on-the-job".


We supply your bees in a transportable corflute box and everything you need to grow that into a 2 box fully working hive.


Kit consists of:

5 full size langstroth frames in a coflute nucleus box AND

2 x flat-pack copper napthalated super boxes

13 x Langstroth frames (+ 5 frames in nucleus box = 18 frames)

1 x lid & base

1 x stainless steel queen excluder

1 x Emlock strap


All new, raw NZ pine: boxes requires assembly and painting


Nucleus hives typically contain:

· 2 x frames eggs/ capped/ uncapped brood – all stages

· 1 x honey and pollen

· 1 x empty foundation

· 1 x mated healthy and robust queen

· 5000 - 8000 odd bees

· Corflute box UV treated with closure and vents


AFB disease free apiary


No chemicals or antibiotics are used


To provide the least interruption and stress to the bees, we recommend pick up/delivery after dark. 


Pickup Kremnos, NSW.

Please note: we are currently taking orders for bees for collection October/November (dependent on favourable weather conditions).


Includes GST.

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