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Pollination Services

HoneyBee Hives specialise in the pollination of all fruit, seed and  

broad-acre crops on the NSW Mid-Far North Coast.


We tailor our pollination service to meet each grower's individual requirements.


We deliver our bees when promised to ensure maximised yield & fruit set.


Contact us today to find out how we can get your crops buzzing.

The Benefits of Crop Pollination For Growers

  • Seed numbers for improved fruit quality in terms of shape and size 

  • Evenly shaped fruit

  • Longer storage life as well as fewer core root issues

  • Earlier pollination before ovules begin to degenerate 

  • Eliminates the need for bi-annual crops and reduces stress

  • Flavour is enhanced by the growth hormones being produced when seeds are set

Considerations when choosing a site for bees:

  • vehicle access for 10m truck is required

  • the area must be free from flooding and provide sufficient area to unload the hives

  • will the bees be away from the public or farm workers, i.e. near sheds, roadways, stockyards?

  • does the area receive regular sunlight? (warm locations increase bee foraging times)

  • does the area have shade in the spring? (shade is necessary to encourage maximum activity on target crops but shade early in the season will lessen bee activity, especially in almonds)

  • the area needs to be relatively flat and even ground

  • it is preferable that the area is mowed just prior to installing the bees to provide them maximum access to the hive

  • the bees must have access to clean, fresh water nearby

  • ensure the bees are not disturbed so they have the best chance of providing effective pollination. 


HoneyBee Hives will:

  • take all care not to damage trees or crops while on the grower's property

  • leave all gates as found

  • regularly liaise with the grower and neighbouring growers regarding chemical sprays that may be applied to the target crop or neighbouring crops while the bees are on the property

  • be adequately covered by a public risk insurance policy

  • ensure that all hives provided for pollination are free of American Foul Brood and that all other bee diseases are controlled

  • ensure that all necessary management practices are carried out during the pollination period, e.g. swarm control and maintenance of colony vigour.


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