Our Commitment

The Mend & Make Do Crew

1% of all HoneyBee Hives & Blessed Balms profits are proudly helping to #Empowerothers through the amazing efforts of The Mend & Make Do Crew. The focus of this organisation is on supporting homeless & at-risk community members in the Northern NSW and South East Queensland.

From caring kits, workshops & community-run markets, The Mend & Make Do Crew are putting social inclusion at the top of their priorities list. They provide opportunities for social inclusion through recycling-based Arts & Crafts while reducing waste at the same time. To date, they've donated over 10,010 Caring Kits!

Make sure to check them out and donate if you can by clicking their logo below.




Supporting Wellbees by New Horizons


Wellbees by New Horizons' motto is "Bee Frames. Built Well." That's why we purchase our frames from this incredible organisation. Their frames are made from locally-sourced, quality hoop pine and the production of them provides meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability.

Read more about New Horizons by clicking logo below.

Team work